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The Equality Collective was established to help further inclusion and equity in our everyday world. The Collective partners with businesses and other non-profit organizations to support equity initiatives that make small changes with big impact. Please join our email list to be updated on the work that we do, as well as ways to get involved.

What We Do

Equality Collective focuses on micro-solutions for obstacles to equity and inclusion. While many organizations nobly work on big picture goals, our work aims to chip away at those obstacles little by little. A few examples:


• We support initiatives that help people succeed and survive without equal pay while waiting for eventual equity.

• We develop projects that help Transgender people and LGBTQ+ youth survive in a world that is often unwelcoming or unsafe. 

• We build programs that help marginalized journalists in small newsrooms, local media organizations, and freelance positions effectively combat digital violence and online harassment. 


Your support will allow us to make a big impact in little ways. Will you help us?

Featured Project

The Rainbow Sheep Ornament Project sends free personalized holiday ornaments to Transgender people who have changed their name.

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